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About Mickey Naggar Bourne

Mickey planting tree in israel smallerMickey Naggar Bourne had a rich love affair with Israel, and it was apparent to everyone who knew her.

For seventeen years she devoted her life to helping young leaders develop their own connections with Israel, as the Director of Israel Programs, and later as the Summer in Israel Youth Program Coordinator, for the Bureau of Jewish Education in the San Francisco Bay Area, now known as Jewish LearningWorks. Mickey’s deep passion for spreading the love of Israel enabled her to encourage students to participate in Israel experiences, in efforts to expand their bond with Israel’s land and her people.

Mickey’s father, Avner Naggar, moved her family from Michigan to Israel to become the Chief Architect of Tel Aviv, and her strong connection to Israel grew quickly. Throughout her life, the Israel that existed in Mickey’s mind was one of peace, with a rich and sophisticated culture. The Israel she knew was a land full of beautiful eucalyptus trees, so fragrant that she could smell them for miles. The Israel she knew was a country of kind, warm (and blunt) people, a country full of life.

This scholarship was established by Jewish LearningWorks in Mickey’s honor after she passed away from her battle with cancer in August 2011.

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